Saturday, June 02, 2012

June 2: A supercell kind of day

Believe it or not we're staying our 4th night in a row in the same hotel in Guymon OK.  (That's a record for the Hokie Stormchasers.)  We rolled west and north this morning, winding up in the far southeastern corner of Colorado in a very nice park in Springfield while waiting for convection to start.  Once the storms fired we had a narrow window  in which to observe this wall cloud before the storms joined forces in a fierce squall line. 

Heading back south to avoid the growing line - and the large hail associated with it - we stopped for a quick dinner in Boise City OK.  When we left there we were being chased by more storms and wound up stopping on the side of the road to (a) avoid the hail and (b) watch the incredible storm just to our north as it wrapped up in a classic hooked mesocyclone.
We paralleled this storm on the way back to Guymon and were treated to one of the most stunning displays of lightning that I have ever witnessed.  The "ooohs" and "aaaahs" coming from the rest of my van's inhabitants convinced me they too were impressed.

Tomorrow's target:  eastern Kansas. 

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