Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Virginia Tech Stormchase Google Hangouts series

One of my distractions from winter weather has been the series of Google Plus Hangouts I've hosted regarding past Virginia Tech Stormchase trips. Up until last night's session the previous ones had featured all student panelists. But since this latest session was focused on the second 2013 trip - which included the infamous El Reno tornado - I decided that this particular Hangout required a unique panel. Thus the all star cast included trip leaders Dave Carroll, Jen Henderson, Dane Webster, and Kevin Myatt.

This being the fifth in this series of @Hokiestorm Hangout discussions it came off almost bug-free as I've acquired more experience as the moderator and "chief button pusher" for the effort. The content was very interesting as the discussion was from the trip leaders' perspectives (vice the students). Dave's insights are always worth paying attention to given his 20+ years of chasing expertise and the others all provided valuable inputs regarding the process of watching the students develop as chasers.

There was also a brief mention of the 2015 Stormchase trips that will occur in late May into June. Talking about chasing also keeps SDS (supercell deprivation syndrome) at bay!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2014 Virginia Stormchase account published

...and it's done. (Whew!) I just finished publishing the 2014 chase account in six separate Notes on the Virginia Storm Chasing Facebook page. The amount of editing required to "fix" the transition from a text document to a FB Note is intense and I can't guarantee I caught all the errors. But it's out there now and I am turning my focus to other things now.


Friday, January 09, 2015

2014 Virginia chase season writeup

I've completed the first draft of the writeup - complete with photos - for the 2014 chase season here in Virginia. I will let it sit for a day or two before going through it again to edit.

My plan is to publish it via the Notes feature on the Virginia Storm Chasing Facebook page. Given the length of the writeup I will need to divide it into several sections prior to publishing it so that will be taken into account during the editing phase. Hey, it's something to do during this cold January weather!!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

A pre-Arctic invasion chase tease

The northward bulge of warm air and moisture ahead of the next Arctic invasion will provide a "chaser's tease" tomorrow, the first Sunday of 2015. The NAM is the most aggressive pertaining to the potential, painting a decent significant tornado chance over the eastern piedmont of VA & NC:
A quick look at forecast Skew T's shows a typical high shear / low CAPE (HSLC) setup.

However a bit more sanity prevails in the SPC's Day 2 convective outlook, which more closely matches the GFS solution:

Either way there's little chance of my chasing given the early afternoon timing, the typical uncertainties of a HSLC situation, and family considerations. Still, the temptation is there!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Convective setup for Christmas Eve

As a sequel to my last post here is the new SPC Day 2 convective outlook for Christmas Eve:

This morning's (12/23) NAM run is the most bullish on this. It is showing SBCAPE values for southside Virginia near 200 j/kg with bulk shear values around 200 kts!! I admit to being tempted but any storms would (a) be screaming along at highway speeds under (b) overcast skies and (c) well east of the mountains. Adding all that up and factoring in it being Christmas Eve and...

Probably not.